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Asian Citizen's Center for Environment and Health
  1. [Special report] Amid ban, a quasi-legal boom in whale meat … 인기글첨부파일

    [Special report] Amid ban, a quasi-legal boom in whale meat and culture Posted on : Jul.3,2015 by Hankyore Daily A symbolic monument ...
    By최예용Views1705날짜2015-11-09 19:56:45
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  2. 20150819 Korea Herald, Korea dismisses rumors of china blast impact.jpg

    Korea dismissed rumors of China blast impact 인기글

    By최예용Views2168날짜2015-08-20 11:53:50
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  3. 20150707 Korea harald Algal bloom.jpg

    Spead of algal bloom stokes ecological concerns 인기글

    Algal bloom has been hot environmental issue in Korea not only 3 river projected areas but also Han river. Here is an English article together with3 attractive ...
    By최예용Views2418날짜2015-07-14 14:44:24
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  4. Tackling Asbestos Injustice in Korea 인기글첨부파일 by Yeyong Choi, Director of Asian Citizen’s Center for Environment and Health and Memb...
    By관리자Views2871날짜2014-07-31 14:57:41
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  5. 2013 Rachel LEE Jung-Lim Memorial Award 인기글첨부파일

    2014년 1월1일에 영국에 사는 로리 카잔 알렌으로부터 레이첼환경상 감사패를 잘 받았다며 사진과 함께 감사의 이멜 메시지가 왔습니다. Dear Friends, A great way to start the New Year! My neighbour brought me a par...
    By관리자Views3020날짜2013-12-24 14:54:28
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  6. [국제단체 성명서]Statement of 59 civil groups from 29 countries 인기글첨부파일

    Statement of 59 civil groups from 29 countries Nov 6 2013 The elderly, not an enemy of the State but residents of the Mother Earth, confronting with unjust st...
    By관리자Views2859날짜2013-11-06 14:51:47
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  7. 뉴욕타임즈 밀양관련 기사, Fight between acient and modern Korea 인기글첨부파일

    New York Times, 2013 Oct 29 As Power Line Grows, So Does Fight Between Ancient and Modern Korea Woohae Cho for The New York Times A sit-in in Donghwajeon vi...
    By관리자Views3058날짜2013-10-30 14:48:17
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  8. no image

    Year 2012 for global asbestos campaigns 인기글

    a letter from IBAS founder
    Dear Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the new year. 2012 has proved to be an incredibly busy time, during which the b...
    By최예용Views2426날짜2013-01-03 14:45:00
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  9. The Rachel Lee Jung-Lim Award 인기글첨부파일

    IBAS website article
    The Rachel Lee Jung-Lim Award by Laurie Kazan-Allen December 21, 2012 will mark the first anniversary of the death of Rachel Lee Jung-Lim. Rachel was a gentle...
    By최예용Views3538날짜2012-12-21 14:35:06
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  10. defeating government and asbestos industry 인기글첨부파일

    International Day for Asbestos Victims
    아래는 2012년10월12일 프랑스 파리 상원의원 의회강당에서 열린 제1회 국제석면피해자의날 심포지엄에서 캐나다의 인권운동가이자 석면추방운동가인 캐슬린 루프(Kathleen Ruff)의 발표내용입니다. 캐나다 퀘벡에서 그동안 진행해온 석면광산과 석면수출의 문제점과 해결과정을 밝히고 있습...
    By최예용Views2938날짜2012-10-26 14:35:06
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  11. Samsung & Dow 인기글첨부파일

    english press release
    이 성명서의 한글판은 별도의 기사 <런던올림픽, 삼성과 다우에 있으니 참고하세요 Press Release July 30 2012 With Olympic spirit held high in London, the Corporate Social Responsibili...
    By최예용Views3484날짜2012-07-30 14:35:06
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  12. no image

    No scientific whaling!! 인기글

    press statement
    Press Release Koreans want whale protection, not whaling! Korean government shouldn’t follow Japanese way; scientific whaling is getting the blame from inte...
    By최예용Views2222날짜2012-07-06 14:35:06
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  13. 캐나다여 죽음의 수출을 멈춰라 인기글첨부파일

    released in Jaipur, India at the 2011 A-BAN annual meeting
    Press Statement Canada Condemned!! Delhi, India: November 22, 2011: Members of the Asian Ban Asbestos Network (A-BAN) who gathered in Jaipur, Rajast...
    By관리자Views2992날짜2011-11-25 14:31:24
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  14. asbestos scare at south korean ballparks 인기글

    September 27, 2011, 7:05 PM KST at THE Wall Street Journal Asbestos Scare at South Korean Ballparks미국의 유력일간지 월스트리트저널이 한국야구장에서 석면검출된 이슈를 기사화하고 있습니다. Search Korea...
    By관리자Views3114날짜2011-09-28 14:31:24
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  15. HYUNDAI STEEL; A Corportate Criminal 인기글

    by Laurie Kazan-Allen
    by Laurie Kazan-Allen 이 내용은 현대제철의 석면사문석 사용문제를 지적하는 국제석면추망사무국(IBAS, international bas asbestos secretaiate),의 홈에피지에 올려진 기사입니다. ​현대제철; 기업범죄지난주 이탈리아법원은 노동자들에게 석면을 ...
    By관리자Views2606날짜2011-08-01 14:31:24
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